Health & Safety Policies

Health & safety policies are a legal requirement & must be reviewed annually. Writing one can be a daunting process made all the more difficult by conflicting online information & reviewing one can be made difficult by new or confusing legislation. Media Safety Management will ensure your safety policy is written specifically for the way your company operates & will cover all appropriate legal elements. Each annual review will take into consideration any changes within your company structure & any new developments in legal practice.

Health & Safety Recces

The role of Media Safety Management on recces is to assess the proposed locations & activities for filming & complete thorough risk assessments. This process ensures that both the hazards & the risks have been considered & are minimised before filming even begins. Media Safety Management adopts a creative common-sense approach to hazards & risks which results in comprehensive, relevant & easy to read risk assessments. We can also attend location on the first day of the rig or filming to give a Safety Briefing based on the results of the risk assessment to ensure everyone understands the level of risks on the shoot. 

Location Support

When Media Safety Management is on location we help coordinate between all activity providers to ensure safety remains a high priority throughout the rig & filming. Due to our extensive on site experience in the TV & Film industry, we are not obstructive & we do not get in the way! We do, however, keep production informed of all activities & ensure filming remains legally compliant. Whilst on location we will continuously identify risk, assess & recommend ways to reduce or eliminate that risk in a process called ‘Dynamic Risk Assessing’. This ensures the level of risk is kept low & a record of continuous risk assessment is kept to ensure legal compliance.

Working Abroad

When working abroad health & safety can often be ignored; usually because the host country does not have the same level of health & safety legislation as the UK. This sometimes means the acts of the production in foreign countries can be in direct contravention of UK health & safety legislation. Many companies are shocked to discover that as they are a UK registered company, a legal case can be filed in the English courts leaving them liable to the UK legal system for their negligent acts. Media Safety Management ensures all your health & safety documentation is up to date before you leave to work abroad & we notify you of any additional health & safety laws you need to be made aware of.

Risk Management

Health & Safety Management during filming can be considerably stressful & very daunting; not only are you liable for the health, safety & welfare of your employees but potentially members of public. Media Safety Management understands filming is a dynamic environment with creative challenges & we therefore work with you to ensure we provide positive pragmatic safety solutions compiled in a comprehensive, legally compliant & easy to read risk assessment.

Fire Safety

An often overlooked element of risk management includes fire safety on location. If you are hiring a filming space from a landlord or owner they are the ones who are responsible for the fire safety & therefore must provide you with a relevant fire safety risk assessment. However, if you add other elements to the building which may increase the risk of a fire, you are responsible for updating the existing fire risk assessment. Media Safety Management can review your plans for filming & assess & minimise those additional risks (from electrical equipment to fire stunts) & plan appropriate emergency procedures to ensure all members of production know how to act in an emergency situation. Media Safety Management can also advise you on the type & number of fire extinguishers. 

Contractor Vetting

You can be liable for the negligent acts of your contractors if you hire them without proof of competence. It is therefore very important to ensure that you are selecting competent contractors who have the relevant experience, skills & knowledge. One way of ensuring competent contractors is a process called ‘Contractor Vetting’. This is a due diligence process which reviews their response to an industry specific questionnaire as well as reviewing contractor safety documentation to prove that they are qualified to a recognised standard. This ensures they will not pose a risk to the health & safety of your employees or members of the public. Media Safety Management can begin the process of Contractor Vetting & then review all the documentation on your behalf. Alternatively, we have an existing preferred contractor list which details the names of contractors who have already passed this process.

Audits & Inspection

To ensure the production members on the ground are implementing company policies & procedures, as well as ensuring those policies & procedures are still relevant & up to date, Media Safety Management can complete an audit or inspection. We will issue you a report of our findings & suggestions for improvement or compliance with the law. We can also help you with implementing new procedures to ensure safety is placed at the heart of the production rather than being seen as a paperwork exercise.


Media Safety Management holds professional teaching certificates to ensure their training complies with a UK recognised standard. We can present training on a broad range of subjects & can tailor each course to you & your needs.

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